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T.I.M.E AIMCAT Series – Key to sucess in CAT – Duration: Time4Education. Aimcat. RC questions. Grammar. Word based. VR. 3Passages / 3 questions each passage. Error. Spotting. FIB / Multiple Usage. PJ/PC. 3Passages /. jitesh: sir my score in qa and di in aimcat has improved but my verbal section has decreased please tell what should i do to improve my verbal as it is.

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There is a way to approach R. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the 13199. Read as much as you can, as many varieties as you can.

AIMCAT 1319: Discussion thread

Confusable words may or may not come in CAT. Sir please reply to my query as to what score can be considered good in the aimcats? I get it wrong always. Try and finish off the basic SMs at the earliest, say by mid-July and then start taking the online tests. Concentration is the key in RC. What you do in the class are the building blocks for the concepts. Read, read and read. You’ve written just two mocks.

I got morning slot of exam, I was in dual mind, whether to sacrifice my sleep to go for CAT or to ditch the exam.

AimCat 0808

However, you may start with more emphasis on accuracy for the first 2 or three AIMCATs but will need to focus aomcat nu,mber of attempts also after that. Don’t know how to approach the next test. The material we offer is voluminous enough to keep you engaged!


Then take a look at the SCHOs that you might have already done in class. Please focus on improving the your percentile.

Aimcat Videos –

Do not let difficult words act as stumbling blocks to your reading of the novel but let it serve as an avenue to improve your vocabulary further. Neha, all the more reason why you should concentrate on our material first! Hopes and aspirations that aincat never acted upon.

To improve performance in RCs and to not get bored, you should build reading stamina, i. I screwed up English. Life became extremely hectic, from Monday to Friday I used to work diligently in office as I was now selected for the best client in my company. Related Questions What is the best success story in exam? Reading and reading alone will improve your familiarity with the topics and you’ll soon find that your understanding too will improve.

That might explain the anamoly, but by and large, a guy with higher percentile would get more number of IIM calls. That along with the SCHOs should be adequate for you. Ensure that you try and pick up all the doable qns in this duration and then revisit the area which you feel is more attempt-able in the balance 10 mins.

You need to do that first, and then seek the help of your faculty members. She had perfect black eyes, short structure, and an extremely beautiful face. Never regret your past.


I put in my CAT registration no and the screen starts buffering, the wait of a few seconds seems like a lifetime… The Start Karan, are you sure you want to prepare for CAT? So keep it up. Sure you can write down the word and find outs its meaning later on from a dictionary etc.

All the best and do not give up. But when I started doing that I observed that it was hampering the pace of reading. Next practice Sentence Correction and Word Usage aincat questions.

Chat Transcript

Learn More at wikibuy. Please speak to Mr.

Sir I have received Basic study material, will I be receiving further materials for practice in July,Aug months? A word of advice to the aimcaat aspirants, having a study buddy really helps.

Identify the topic and theme. Do not worry about Vocabulary so much. One day your time will come, my friend.

The first 20mins of VALR section i am literally not able to do much and make mistakes charlton: I have realized that failure, whether of the personal, professional or even spiritual kind, is essential to personal expansion. What 13199 the best coaching service for the CAT exam? And also gice suggestions from your side. What should i do? How do you rate my performance?

The QA section was more challenging this time than in the previous test.