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This, I think, is the only case where there was a real separation o f terminological spheres: It is conceivable that Sncllgrovc wants sandha to apply to phrases only, and not to individual terms; but he docs not say so. Passin, n o w at Columbia University, Leon N. The latter clause is the only important difference between tantric and orthodox tarpana. Mueller writes he is stating this on Chinese authority w h i c h he docs not quote.


The motivation and the genesis o f this study are as eclectic as tantrism itself: Deussen’s generation was not familiar w i t h medieval H i n d u tantric texts which assimilated Vajrayana doctrine into a H i n d u frame. As a research associate in that institute, m y Indie interests were marginal to the main direction o f Inner Asian research, and I regarded my contribution to the Inner Asia Project as a series o f feeder services.

And finally, tantrc very fact that the dual symbol of the united couple is to be read in the two ways agehansnda either the male or the female representing transcendent truth [Zimmer’s parenthesis] signifies that the two aspects Or functions of reality are perfectly equal in rank: The Tibetans no doubt realized that the god’s description in the Kalacakra text was static; but they would reject it in an ontological statement, albeit of a monistic nature—the mystical or ‘practical’ aspect being more important: W i t h o u t the H rantric n d u reference, these terms can be used as epithets to non-ontological notions just as much as they can for ontological ones.

The subject matter of the tantras may include esoteric yoga, hymns, rites, rituals, doctrines and even law, medicine, magic and so forth. The goddess Prajna, who is both w i t h and without form, is embraced by h i m ; bereft of origin and change, he is immutable bliss.

In lieu oimaithuna there may be an offering of flowers w i t h ageehananda hands formed into the kacchapa mudrd the tortoise-like mudrdthe union o f the karavlra flowers representing the lihga and the apardjitd flower representing the female organ, or there may be union w i t h the sddhaka’s wedded wife.

I found this a helpful model: B u t the verse certainly sums up wgehananda elated, or even euphoric, attitude the tantric entertains about the prospects o f vira-worship, and about the concomitant heroic attitude. This item will be sent through the Global Shipping Programme and includes international tracking.


Tf a person cannot even get on the back o f an ass, then even i f he climbs agehamanda to the back o f an Arab steed and is not killed in the attempt he is sure to get his bones broken.

The Tantric Tradition

Skip to main content. Just as there is a progression o f knowledge from the three Rs to whatever wisdom and skill a man may acquire, sddhana progresses in an analogous fashion: Then he must do three more dcamanam rinsings meditating on these mantras: This is just an illustration o f the fact that languages use object-language terms to qualify non-objectlanguage concepts.

Guenther Banaras-SaskatoonAgehanandx.

M y statement is at present based on a purely formal consideration: One w h o thus proceeds obtains’the occult power o f attraction in one month, in two months he becomes as k n o w ledgeable, and learned as Brhaspati the Vedic god o f speech, knowledge, and the sacerdotal skillsafter four months the practicant becomes as powerful as the Lords o f the Directions, after six teadition he becomes like C u p i d agehannada the high rank sexual attractiveness and success is given in this disciplinebhharati six months he is as powerful as Rudra Siva himself.

For additional information, see the Global Shipping Programme terms and conditions – opens in a new window or tab. A l l Hindu tantras, on the other hand, seem to refer to the five M’s, commendingly or disparagingly as the case may be.

The three dispositions arc hierarchically arranged: Metaphysics ontology is o f secondary concern for them, admitted at best by courtesy. Will usually dispatch within 2 working days of receiving cleared payment – opens in a new bharagi or tab. O r to put it differently, tantrism has not added any philosophical novelty to Hinduism and B u d d h i s m ; I do not even think that it emphasizes certain aspects o f Mahayana or H i n d u philosophy more than do the respective non-tantric doctrines preceding it.

Buddhism has no ontology, no metaphysics; Bharai has a powerful ontology—this is the one unbridgeable difference between all o f its forms and Buddhism o f all schools. The late N tantfic b e s k y – W o j k o w i t z suggested that the autochthonous deities sa bdag o f Tibet might have been deeply ensconced in the Tibetan minds previous to the acjvent of B u d d h i s m ; and i f it could be shown that the predominant setting in the prc-Buddhist Tibetan pantheon was patrifocal, the pattern might have proved too strong to be subverted.

It is of the type of a universe-model: It seems to me that tantric authors wanted to have an ally in Patanjali’s followers as well as in Hatha-yoga—and although tantric apologetics constantly assert the conformity of tantric w i t h Vedic injunctions, they k n o w they have already antagonized the Vedic traditionalists so strongly that it hardly matters i f they describe their observances as pain-ritual.


The ritual proper coincides with the formation of the cakra, the circle of male and female sddhakas, or in tantric phraseology of the Sivas with their Saktis. For example, i f the male element is shown to be dynamic and the female static in Taoism, and the same relation obtains in Tibetan Buddhism, the most we can say is ‘here is a parallel’.

The correct notion, inadequately expressed here, bhadati simply that there is dualism on the level of mystical practice, on the level o f a heuristic polarity, and there is monism on the ontological level. I am indebted for this passage to D r.

Agehananda Bharati – The Tantric Tradition

Similar processes have taken place in India at all times. The H i n d u tantric tradition makes some distinction between the sadhana that is performed on a purely mental plane and that which involves actual handling of the ritualistic ‘ingredients’ including woman, meat, and wine.

Disha Shah Mody marked it as to-read Oct 10, The tantric dedryas refer to both these types ofsadhand as pratinidhi and daksindedra, but this is clearly due to a lack of terminological precision. The main point aghananda f departure ageehananda that tantric sandhya uses the thought construct o f the mystical trarition as conceived in the H i n d u and Vajrayana Buddhist esoteric systems, i. This wrong assumption goes back to an even older historical phenomenon—the great attraction, largely sentimental, which nineteenth-century German classical scholars and poets felt for things Indian in the belief o f a ‘kindred soul’; this is being echoed in India by the majority o f pandits and holy men: The Buddhist texts had made two pairs of opposites especially popular—prajha wisdomand xipdya the means to attain it ; sunya, the ” v o i d “and karuna, compassion.

P r c – A r y a n Indian deities were absorbed into the Brahmin pantheon; or, more aggehananda, any popular god became identified w i t h a genuinely Brahmin deity whose features or functions were not too dissimilar: Ghildayal premits a laudatory poem to his chapter on the vlraattitude; I am not sure i f the poem is his o w n or a quotation—he does not agehahanda anything to that effect.

W h y a ‘Brahmin’? Y e t the analogy between the H i n d u and Buddhist Vajrayana concept is less justified here byarati anywhere else.