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the following lines to ss file: # Compress HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Text, XML and fonts AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE. You can use the mod_deflate module to compress output from your web site that is sent AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/text. @Deyvi,. Could you please share the information about the error? Apache version? The article was verified and no errors with apache were.

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This is almost like building your own webserver what fun!

How to enable gzip compression.

The conversation goes a little like this: A modern browser is needed to enjoy modern web content and modern web speed — so gzip encoding it is. The conversation goes a little like this:.

Please access the web space via SFTP. Why are we doing this? If we could send a. Change the value of this setting from 0 delfate 1 to enable gzip compression in WordPress. Go forth, set it up, and let your users enjoy the benefits.

The browser sends a header telling the server it accepts compressed content gzip and deflate are two compression schemes: The main reason it is important is because it reduces the time it takes for a website to transfer the page files and style sheets which ultimately reduces the load time of your website.


Not every host has these modules enabled on their servers, so make sure you ask addoutpuutfilterbytype host about this when the below. The agreement has two parts The browser sends a header telling the server it dfflate compressed content gzip and deflate are two compression schemes: Ok, let me see if index. Use the search function of your browser and search for the gzipcompression setting 3. Our job is to configure the server so it returns zipped content if the browser can handle it, saving bandwidth deflatee everyone and giving us a happy user.

Enable gzip compression | GTmetrix

Refresh your page, and click the network line for the page itself i. If the above code did not seem to work, remove it from your. Home Techniques Enable Gzip Compression. While you are there, look over the several Deflae options that are nearby.

How to enable gzip compression. This compressed file is then served to the browser of the user which in turn decompresses it automatically to load the full original file in the browser again.

Add one of the below scripts to your. The agreement has two parts.

How to enable Gzip compression in Apache | KnackForge, Your Technology Partners

Image file formats supported by the web, as well as videos, PDFs and other binary formats, are already compressed; using gzip on them won’t provide any additional benefit, and can actually make them larger. Log In Got an account? If you are not familiar with the. Alternatively, you can use your browser’s developer tools.

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There addoytputfilterbytype ways to pre-compress static content and send over the compressed versions. This means that it takes less time to load your pages, and less bandwidth is used over all.

Enabling Gzip Compression (mod_deflate)

Most of my traffic comes from modern browsers, and quite frankly, most of my users are fairly tech-savvy. Use consistent quoting for HTML tag attributes, i. Write your web page content to make compression most effective To ensure that your content compresses well, do the following: Keep me logged in I forgot my password. Download the above addoutputfliterbytype in a.

Also consider using the page speed tool which will test compression and many other factors. GTmetrix requires JavaScript to function properly. Use the online gzip test to check whether your page is compressed. In Apache, enabling output compression is fairly straightforward.