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Dispose of the device in an environmentally-friendly manner when you decide to part with it.

This special belt uses electrical muscle stimulation EMS. Entfernen Sie vor der Reinigung die Bedieneinheit vom Stimulationskissen. The device does NOT produce any vibrations or sound waves. Platzieren Sie das kleine Stimulationskissen am Oberarm, um Bizeps bzw.

Turn the device off, take out the battery for 1 minute and attempt to restart the por.

Stimulieren Sie jede Muskelgruppe maximal 30 Minuten am Tag. You can see how your own muscles move. Programme display lights 1. We recommend limiting the use to no more than 3 times per day with at least a 4-hour break between each use. For best results, make sure the silicone electrodes are positioned properly for this exercise!

Ab Maxx Pro II Manuals

Adjusting belt for the large stimulation pad 5. Platzieren Sie das kleine Stimulationskissen an der Wade um die Wadenmuskulatur zu stimulieren. Benutzen Sie vorzugsweise ein Gel auf Wasserbasis als Kontaktmedium. Die Batterien sind zu schwach.


Verwenden Sie nur den in den technischen Daten angegebenen Batterietyp. In the event the unit is defective, do not attempt to repair it yourself.

We hope, that this document of instructions for use will help you. The manufacturer and importer assume no liability in the event the data in these instructions has not been observed!

Konsultieren Sie einen Arzt. Die Bedieneinheit arbeitet nicht richtig. Only use the product as indicated in the operating instructions and in the body regions stated in this manual.

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If this file was helpful. Il est interdit d’utiliser l’appareil sur les nourrissons et les personnes endormies ou inconscientes. The device does not belong in the household waste. Danger of suffocation by the wrapper and bags.

Abmaxx pro anleitung pdf

Platzieren Sie das kleine Stimulationskissen am Unterarm, um die Unterarmmuskulatur zu stimulieren. The batteries are too weak. Clean the contacts before you insert a new battery.

Halten Sie einen Mindestabstand von 1 Meter. We also recommend a maximum workout duration of no more than 30 minutes per muscle group and day for advanced users. Before you can start using the belt, you will have to apply the enclosed gel to the silicone electrodes on the back of the stimulation pad. Do not use any softeners, alcohol or sprays containing aerosols to clean the article.


It triggers muscle contractions by means of gentle electric stimulation. Beginners should stimulate each muscle group for no more than 10 minutes per day! Preparation for using the large stimulation pad 1. After having realized all preparation steps, you can put on the belt.

The batteries have not been inserted properly. Wurde eine Batterie verschluckt, muss sofort medizinische Hilfe in Anspruch genommen werden. Bedeutung der Symbole in dieser Anleitung Alle Sicherheitshinweise sind mit diesem Symbol gekennzeichnet. Znleitung la stimulation du ventre, du dos, For more information, please download the instructions above. Clean the device after every use to prevent leftover gel or pto residues from being deposited.

The device may not be used on or by infants and sleeping or unconscious persons. Ceux-ci pourraient endommager l’appareil.