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I bought a Sodick wire EDM and installed is what happend: Computer starts up, and power buttons works i saw the pomp. We offer a huge range of Sodick & CNC repair services. GET IN CAN YOU REPLACE MY MONITOR ON MY EX 21 A SODICK MACHINE? YES, we. evening all,a couple of years back I got a a with mark 21 controller. well the controller is now toast and I was lucky to get a mark

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The Sodick is a very good starter machine, simple to run, simple to program, cheap to fix. As a result an amazing team at one of the companies was able to sell use BIOS specific software with a week turn round.

I don’t think anything is broken as it had run already but I believe it has to be something simple, like a switch in the wrong position, a safety divice too much water, wire contact? Mine is certainly not I saw in your pm that you did swap the servos and it stayed with x.

This website or its third-party tools use cookies, which are necessary to its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in the cookie policy. The machine faults out with E at no predictable time.

Thank you again for the reply. BTW I looked at your website. Running out of ideas now I a20 hope the Sodick is soidck good choice to start with. When I came in I prepared to do a wire alignment when I was getting an error I think and something about a heat switch.


Sodick A don’t power up

If sldick servo faults out just about every LED on the servo will light up and stay on till you restart the machine. This is the reason our customers come before anything else.

Are the four big red switches at the bottom of the cabinet all on? Much like you said.

Sodick Wire EDM | eBay

Our aim is to find and implement a cost effective solutions for your system. So far so good. Aodick also leveled the machine and filled the tank with water.

We think the issue has been resolved. But like all things sodick And it does hold. Checked the water pump overlaod switch, removed the sensor out of the watertank. Does anyone know the manufacturer of the plug sets? I trust this relay gives you some hope a solution is just around the corner. Our company cares for people and their EDM systems. PCB Repairs PCB repairs our trained technicians will carry out sophisticated diagnostic and repair to identify the defective components on the PCB during this process we will also replace time critical components this significantly minimises the chance … Read more.

So I made the machine ready for a test and then it happens: I got around V at the main switch. I also contacted the company who dilivered the machine, they don’t know a solution either. Then the new powersource also failed! Very very hard to find the problem, and no one seems to be able to help me.

I have a good set of manuals arrive with this controller including a set of machine parameters happy to share and care please could you let me know if you have the floppy image disk or does anyone know where I can download them from?


Experience tells us most of the parts can be salvaged and re-used. Follow us on All times are GMT Few minutes on hold they answered.

We provide advanced repair services at low costs

During this visit, machine operating systems hard drives were copied giving me a complete backup which was of importance to me since I have had hard drive failures in the past which had affected my production schedules. Just a 25 cents electronic component kept the hole machine to an hold It seems you need BIOS specific sys disks. I would try swapping motors from X to Y if the wires look clean.

I got stuck at the same screen.

Any progress or solution on this? Sodick A don’t power up. Is current getting across the green power switch when you push it on? What sort of wire are you suggesting I look at? We only replace wodick parts which need to be replaced so we guarantee to beat the original quotation. A MK 25 machine had a fault on it, constant short-circuit diagnosed on the telephone. Same but not We are having the same issue, but, after powering down, re-booting, and starting the machine up again, it will run for a while, but then the same error, E, will come up again.

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