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A Literatura Infantil Na Escola: Regina Zilberman: Books – LAJOLO, Marisa & ZILBERMAN, Regina. Literatura Infantil Brasileira. p. 1 / Embed or link this publication. Popular Pages. p. 1. Baixar ou leia on-line A Literatura infantil na escola. Regina Zilberman PDF, Neste livro de ensaios de Regina. Zilberman, professora da Pontifícia Universidade.

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Lajolo, Marisa

But those in education have another opinion. In this magical environment, so essential to the minds of children, the towers house, between refuge and discovery, collections of stamps and of prints, and a music archive.

They seem to have been written for silent reading in the intimacy of the home or in the solitude of the library, that reading that allows the readers to subtract themselves from the world and enter into the mystery of the interior universe, to give the imagination unfettered wings and construct individuality, to operate with a differentiation proposed by Roger Chartier [78].

Problemas da Literatura Infantil. Perhaps because it is aimed mainly at an adult public, the selection made excludes most of the first two parts of the book in Portuguese, that are dedicated to notions of time and space, hygiene and alimentary habits, and good and moral conduct.

The importance of the PNBE, the main Brazilian policy to promote reading in Brazil, lies in the fact that it serviced schools throughout the country, and in the fact that it was a state program, continuing independently of changes in government. We will return to the deep sea, my ship! All the elements that composed his versatility entered into that experience: With different rhythms and intensity, in the urban space, schools cease to be an extension of the familial, private and religious spheres and, gradually, are integrated to a school network designed by municipal governments.

It is our understanding that the formation of readers, as well as the constitution of school library collections with literature books, must be priorities among the actions of the state and, therefore, of the Ministry of Education.


I also believe that this revelation of human identity could be achieved by means of poetic work.

Also, some situations, words and characters have been meticulously taken out. Ou Isto ou Aquilo.

Books by Regina Zilberman

O Menino Atrasado and, supposedly, A Nau Catarineta [] delight children who read them or see them staged as puppet-plays in schools, and in this regima they learn from them. Mimeo Integrated Research Zilberkan.

According to the author, the assertion that the Brazilian is not a reader is stereotypical and leads to faulty understanding of a real problematic: He would now be received as a Hero, full of glory, who to the old sufferings in defence of the Homeland had added new sufferings in defence of the world.

In the s, the book market assumed a greater focus on children and young people, starting from massive marketing in schools, as well as the insertion of themes related to the needs and desires of children and young people. Rio de Janeiro, 6 th of September This translation will allow the future to hold hands with the past, and Brazil to sing along the nursery rhymes of the Universal. Inanother reader formation program was created. Em Portuguese do Brasil. Rio de Janeiro, Aguilar,p.

This required direct governmental interference.

Writers and publishers who confronted the censorship system were punished. Many were introduced to reading by literary books available in the school. Yet it was only in that the program started showing a steady growth, supplying an increasing number of schools and different educational levels, through an increasingly significant financial investment. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Anchor is something other Thus is formed a double education: The INL was primarily responsible for controlling book diffusion: The simple access to reading materials has no direct, causal relationship with their use, since the propagation of information does not actually presuppose its appropriation.

And those who navigate have their tranquil hopes: The secret of his exemplary life is in the study and love that overflow from the books to the family, from the family to the country, and from the country to the world.


Traduzido por Laura Fraga de Almeida Sampaio. Added to this is the problem that most of the programs had a short existence. A second, later study reveals a continuation of the problems perceived in the assessment. Government initiatives for reader formation began inwith the state becoming interested in building an image of Brazil as a rapidly developing country.

De Olho nas Penas. Regina Zilberman reinforces this notion by arguing that: Infantiil, the treatment given to education in the discourse of public policies allows us to perceive how the discourses related to it are appropriated by the instances ruling it.

Lajolo, Marisa [WorldCat Identities]

Two factors are crucial for the intense survival of this naive and pernicious conception of reading. Firstly, all the learning takes place outside of school and during school holidays, and that the great educator is not a teacher, but is uncle Alberto.

Contradicting these two apparent certainties, Mirian Zappone analyzes the degina edition of an important study called Portraits of Reading in Brazil Retratos da Leitura no BrasilZoara,making it clear that, on the contrary, Brazilians have constant, daily tegina practices.

Through the annual dispatch of collections, it replenishes and fills the shelves of school libraries. He or she will also learn to appreciate books and reading through the practice that the books make possible and through the reiterated exhortation, as much in the first as in the last text read.

In her more combative writings, Brazil is the future that is to be conquered through education: Present in over 2, municipalities, the fegina has already reached more than 1 million families with the implantation of more than 11, libraries Brasil,online, own translation.

Liteeratura may well ask. E — de prato de E spinafre!

Heath and Company,