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The remarkable story of an ‘ordinary’ man. Bert Facey’s childhood ended when he was eight years old. That was when his grandmother had to. A Fortunate Life. Sample chapter. Classic. A Fortunate Life. Written by A.B. Facey Despite enduring unimaginable hardships, Facey always saw his life as a. Albert Facey, a man who taught himself to read and write, writes it, and writes it The optimism and positivity that made him deem his life fortunate is evident.

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Today I could not imagine the young children I know packing up and moving along to farms asking for work and so on for short times and hard labour but for many children and the writer of this book it is the only choice they have. But he slbert had good moments – he persevered and seemed to understand how important education was in order to for him get ahead. This story is filled with humanity and heart-ache. It is his hands that fell the trees, burn the stumps, wire the fences, plough the earth and shoot the dingos faceg threaten livestock.

A Fortunate Life for Younger Readers

I think this book is an important historical text, for Australia as a whole and for Western Australia, where most of the story is told. Of course, I was much to busy living to pick up fadey book that I assumed was boring and “historical”. The mini-series stays true to the form of the book: Through it all he was an old-fashioned gentleman, honest, true and chaste.


Bert Facey was a battler, ever optimistic faceey hopeful despite the hardships of his life. View all 3 comments. Serving in the disastrous Gallipoli campaign, he returned home, substantially disabled.

For some reason I was going to DNF this book. And a hard life it was! Things go from bad to worse for his family and over time.

A sort of love and trust in one another developed in the trenches.

Feb 19, Sulie rated it it was amazing Shelves: A sense of decency threaded through the narrative, just as a seam of precious metal folds through rock. It chronicles his early life in Western Australiahis experiences as a private during the Gallipoli campaign of World War I and his return to civilian lfie after the war. A simple book about the simple life of a simple man.

A Fortunate Life (TV Mini-Series – ) – IMDb

His wife died in Albert died innine months after A Fortunate Life had been published, and his daughter Barbara died in There are amazingly generous people, often complete strangers, and then you have those villains – those that exploit others, facsy those that are put into alvert places, such as Facey’s mother.

Roy, Eric and Myra. The stark perspective this unassuming title, A Fortunate Lifecan shine on our everyday trifles is a gift to a modern reader. Wounded, he then has a large loving family of his own, suffers in the Fadey Depression and then suffers more tragedy through drought and when he looses sons in the war. Facey is an engaging and natural storyteller and you have to remind yourself as you read that is is a man who had no formal education.

I loved this book — or rather the story, which I read in print more than 30 years ago and have just now listened to in audio book format — a format that I have found fortunahe problematic with many books. And this landscape is one that would seem alien to contemporary readers.


It was touched by adventure and tragedy, though it also contained moments of quietude, beauty and happiness. Disappointment followed disappointment, leaving Facey, beginning at the age of eight, to substantially fend for himself as a hired hand. The formerly vigorous, athletic, knockabout bloke returns shattered by his experience, though natural optimism and grit make up much of the deficit in animal robustness. Some people get really hung up on the Gallipoli section of this book.

A Fortunate Life for Younger Readers – Fremantle Press

The focus of the work is on the first quarter of the twentieth century and most of that in Western Australia wheat-belt region. Retrieved 19 July He loses a first family farm to fortunare Depression and his eldest son to the Pacific theatre of the Second World War.

I loved this story and thought how sad it was that men like this don’t really exist anymore. Want to Read saving….

A Fortunate Life

This makes me thing that ‘A fortunate life’ should be re-classified as fiction not foetunate. Was this review helpful to you? With so many highs and a shocking number of lows and setbacks that would make most of us despair nowadays, I think.