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YZF Motorcycle pdf manual download. Also for: Yz45fz, Yzf(d), Yzf(b) , Yzf , Yzfa , Yzf , Yzf d , Yzf View and Download Yamaha YZF(Y owner’s manual online. YZF(Y Motorcycle Yamaha YZFA Owner’s Service Manual. ( pages). View and Download Yamaha YZF owner’s service manual online. Motorcycle Yamaha YZFA Owner’s Service Manual. ( pages).

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Connect the coupler secure- FI diagnostic tool sub-lead. Connect the throttle position sensor to the wire harness. Always clean up spilled fluid immediately. FI diagnostic tool display Correct any flattened fins with a thin, flat-head screwdriver.

Page 29 voltage. Always insert the probes from the opposite end of the coupler, taking care not to loosen or damage the leads.

Yamaha YZ450F Manual

Straighten the lock washer tab. Engine stop switch 8. Actuates the ignition coil five Check that a spark is gener- times at one-second inter- ated five times. Connect the test harness-speed sensor 3P “1” as shown.



Circlip Oil seal Bearing Refer to removal section. To be used when the diagnostic mode is active Fuel pressure adapter This tool is used to attach the pres- YM, sure gauge. Check the ignition system wire har- ness.

Diagnostic tool display Displays the coolant temperature. Congratulations on your purchase of distinguished in this manual by the For safety and reliability, the ma- a Yamaha YZ series. Fuel injector coupler above the cover.

Where can I find a real YZ450F Owners Manual?

Bleed screw 6 Nm 0. The following symbols are not relevant to every vehicle. Disconnect the ignition coil from Conductive while the spark plug. Oil level check window Fuel tank Oil strainer bolt 10 Nm 1.

Place a container under yz450t en- gine.

Install the diaphragm accelerator pump with its mark “a” facing the spring. Extract the fuel in the fuel tank through the fuel tank cap with a pump. The table of contents is at the be- ginning of the manual.


Remove the dowel pins and O-ring. Power Tuner adjustment values 0—8 for fuel injection amount or ignition timing Checking method Valve clearance cold 0. Clamp Throttle position sensor lead coupler Throttle msnual cover Throttle cable Clamp air filter joint.

Refer to removal section. Use a suitable stand to raise the front wheel If the bearing race is not installed properly, off the ground.

Apply compressed air to the rear of the radi- ator. Left This is the position which is mxnual by the specific number of clicks from the fully turned-in position.

To be displayed on the Yamaha diagnostic tool when the engine fails to work nor- mally Diagnostic code No.: Refer to removal section.

Page Able to start engine Able to drive vehicle Diagnostic code No.