The stiff long spring runs through the unit and it will not normally move. Goose’s Guide extract Sept. In the laser printer market, Ricoh printers have been notably missing from the radar screen. It’s good to have the full options back on the screen. The Service Manuals for this machine are quite comprehensive, although perhaps a little confusing because of the various different options.

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The latter not only handles the scanning, but it also offers some other very useful editing facilities, including a very effective OCR plugin also free. Although Ricoh has now updated rico website and lists the Twain driver for the as compatible with App3800c 8, I had not had any success with VueScan, which works fine with my Epson Perfection but simply crashes if you try to address the with it.

The postscript divers above are from the Ricoh website, although they are a bit basic.

Aficio APC download page

Obviously, it is possible that the SC – 0X code is being reported for a genuine problem, in which case, if you disable SCs you will be able to print but there will be evident problems with the appropriate colour depending on the number X in your case.

Release the unit bar catch and unscrew the two screws which hold the diagonal bar in place – one at each end. I will be posting my findings on this page as I learn more about it. The SP mode is accessed from the copier panel as follows: If you use Windows XP then the main drivers can be downloaded here: They don’t pick up the various options on the copier, so you have to go into the driver and enable the duplexer, finisher, extra trays etc.

The machine produced an SC and would not boot. The problems turned out to be minor, although rather strange in nature. Step 5 Reassemble the unit and replace it in the copier. Step a;3800c The hard drive is mounted on the board which is accessed from the right-hand side of the printer, at the rear.

Ricoh Aficio AP3800C

Goose’s Guide extract Sept. With the CMF version, it is necessary to remove the expander board first. Both programmes allow you to access the original Ricoh interface of their V3 Twain scanner driver. If you need the drivers for other operating systems, including Mac, or the Fax driver, then they are available from here: For our three color photos, the RPCS driver was indeed faster: If you have the copier version it will look like the photo on the left.

Although a confirmed generalist, with writing credits on subjects as varied as ape language experiments, politics, quantum physics, and an overview of a top company in the gaming industry.

David Stone is an award-winning freelance writer and computer industry consultant. It started the print process and then produced the error code. The Theory The printer detects new units using a small pin on the front which is retracted when new, but pops out when the unit is first used.

Various other saved rixoh may also need to be reset. Be very gentle with this as it could easily break if you lever too hard with the screwdriver.

Ricoh Aficio AP3800C Workgroup Laser Printer

This is also characteristic of the software error, apparently. This link downloads a pdf of all the service manuals and it also includes some later released service bulletins designed to address particular issues: With the clip lifted, turn the augur clockwise Following my research, I’ve found two solutions which do work among the many which don’t – one is to install a programme called Scanwiz – there is a trial version which is free and lasts 30 days, and the other is to use IrfanView which is a free software.

There is one significant, but small difference between the two types of drum; the black drum has a longer waste toner augur. I’ve found it helpful to print the ones which are most useful – much easier than trying to refer to a pdf version on screen. David is also an expert in imaging technologies including printers, monitors, large-screen displays, projectors, scanners, and digital camerasstorage both magnetic and opticaland word processing.

As the HDD is an option, it was possible to get some functionality back simply be disconnecting the faulty drive.

Welcome to Michel’s Place michelsplace, michelsplace. It’s the same panel as the cable connections. You can then pull the augur off the end of the unit.