You can also sync with your PC over Bluetooth with Activesync. Works best in clear weather. Good touchscreen dialing pad. I had my eye on the treo since when I was able to use a pda wirelessly and wanted something that had the same functions and was able to send and receive calls. There are also some nice call management features. The only thing we miss is the much loved threaded SMS which is on the other Treos. Many games, especially older ones, assume this size any will not run on the smaller screen.

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Large and bright display is easy to read, plenty of memory to run several programs at once. If you love to play games not many support xthen yes. This is the application’s limitation, not the Treo’s.

Treo 700wx

There’s no nice way to say it; the camera generally takes dark and colorless photos. That said, the Treo wx is a very powerful smartphone.

On benchmark tests, the wx performed almost the same as the w did which makes sense after all, as it’s basically the same device. Those include the chipset in use, the software running on the device, as well as the consumer’s unique usage pattern.

Palm Treo 700wx – Black (Verizon) Smartphone

I see that you got the wx to respond to “CALL x “. The backlighting on the keyboard and buttons is bright and consistent and the keys have a nice white illumination.

Instead, you should go to the Forums over on, for example, TreoCentral — http: Camera There’s no nice way to say it; the camera generally takes dark and colorless photos. We believe that Palm uses several suppliers for their LCDs, so the variation may be due to that rather than differing product lines.

I also feel lucky that I can also keep my p, I am getting the best of both worlds.

I’m hooked on Palm PDAs. Regulatory Approval FCC approval: I recently moved and was wondering that instead of transfering Timewarner broadband “roadrunner light” which runs at pwlm K i could possibly use a Treo as my only modem.

The more RAM available to the device, the better the performance will be when multiple or heavier programs are running. After about two years of pocket wear and knocking around, the charging port became fragile, meaning that I had to sit and hold the plug “just right” so it would charge for around 1.

It has a color touch screen and works like most any other Palm PDA you’ve used. Ample storage and SD expansion if you need more. It has a good touchscreen, decent size and okay resolution.

Stereo Bluetooth audio is also missing from both the Treo w and wx. The call send and end buttons flank the Windows and OK keys. Palm Desktop not available?

Palm Treo w / wx specs

7000wx the original Apple iPhone: My Palm PDA isn’t lost. Pqlm can also enable ClearType, which does nothing for the size, but aliases the text so it looks a lot smoother and can be easier on the eyes for extended reading. You can view videos on the Treo using the included Windows Media Player and on the desktop using QuickTime or other applications. My wife was interested in getting a smartphone with Verizon for just syncing calendars, etc. I usually use BB to update my blog and use its calender and note to organize my daily life.

Palm Treo wx Review

You also get the same QWERTY keyboard that makes dialing contacts with one hand and punching out quick e-mails a breeze. So obviously an OS issue. When I got my old Centro from Verizon, it wasn’t necessary to have a data plan for texting. Unfortunately, I lost that CD and hadn’t been using Outlook since the last time my laptop went haywire. Most of the large buttons can be remapped, and the small button on the side below the volume keys can be customized as treoo, by default it launches the Media Player.

Web browsing and downloading email with attachments are a breeze on the wx, though our dsleports. It does so by combining the Pocket PC platform with a number of Palm smartphone innovations and broadband like data speeds.