Maybe we should start bribing people. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. She was actually happy with Ubuntu too before this incident, because her previous Xp was virus ridden. Then go to the command line and type “sudo fspc” and up pops the driver window. Apparently I was composing my comments while you wrote yours. DCuser dcuser wrote on BTW, it’s too bad we don’t have the mswind.

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Even my usb-mouse is malfunctioning right now It is the successor of GSynaptics, and has a wider range of hardware devices supported it is not limited only xentelic Synaptics. See comments 27 and Apparently I was composing my comments while you wrote yours.

MSI Wind Netbook – Wikipedia

People do appear to be working on it, but I tried the last two srntelic, and they are both terrible as of jan 4, I’m compiling Chris’ fork.

Not wanting to invest too much time into it, i chose to just restart it hoping th e kernel modules would just work then. Finally found guys who have the same laptop and experience problems with touch pad: Please let us know your results. Email Required, but never shown. Found relative axes [ Hi Steven, good to hear the senteluc is working now.

MSI U Touchpad w/ FSPPS/2 Sentelic

You can also apply it as a diff against the kernel source tree versions 3. Will give the driver wentelic try later. If anyone does know how to do it, please teach me. My problem is that although i’ve been using ubuntu for quite some time now sentepic not familiar with manual kernel rebuilding and hardcore patching. In fact, I’ve made new live-usbs several times: Penalver penalvch wrote on I installed Win7 on it, and without any additional driver, the touchpad works.

I compiled the driver with debug output enabled, and it looks senteloc the driver is receiving a smooth stream of absolute packets from the hardware. My friend will need it soon Then replace your current psmouse.

MSI Wind Netbook

Senttelic is available at http: Comparison of netbooks Netbook manufacturers Comparison of netbook-oriented Linux distributions. I have a MSI Wind with the Sentelic mousepad, and I would really like the driver either merged, or just as nicely, a dkms package created for it.

Untar the attached tar. This is a summary of the situation, based on a discussion I started several months ago on xorg-devel[1]. I think you need to do the reset thing. Here is the kernel commit msj I would be grateful if anyone wants to do some testing I can only test on a very recent v14 touchpad which is in my Asus UX Also, Oskari Saarenmaa has managed to get two finger scrolling working in his git repo at https: You can see the version of the touchpad when it’s printed to the syslog during boot.

But it’s much better than what you have now: KLonsdale Nov 10, The current status at least with driver from https: You will need 2. I’m glad that the touchpad works for you in Lucid.