Regards hanson My System: Your updated firmware that you just made for gig and forget about the other boards is sad, must be to busy handling all the complaints. Maybe you find something helpful Your claim that I “wrongly” concluded that driver was not yet optimized is also made in ignorance. There were differences, to be sure, but not the kind that improve performance.

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I still have not fixed it, and am waiting for the eeprom programmer. I don’t even think if Marvell marvell 88se9123 off their butts and puts out a new Firmware for the 88se on Asus boards they can achieve a MB transfer. Last year I tried the Asus form and they marvell 88se9123 to contact Marvell directly and I got no reply back.

Nowhere do you mention why the Marvell controller is slower on those boards and what is needed to be done by motherboard manufacturers to make it fast or which board s are implementing it good. From what I have read, there are two different locations where the controller marvell 88se9123 resides, in the actual motherboard BIOS or in a separate chip. Additional information about Intel is available at www. Your claim that I “wrongly” concluded that marvell 88se9123 was not yet optimized is marvell 88se9123 made in ignorance.

Regards hanson My System: We are here to help. I’m just staying away marvell 88se9123 mobos with Marvell chips in the future since board manufacturers can’t figure out how to implement them correctly Regards Fernando My current System: But, having said that, if you still want to go on, we will help you to achieve your goal.

It wasn’t until many months later that Marvell 88se9123 versions became available. The mobo mfg should have tested the junk before using the junk.

Forum – Marvell 88SE Firmware ASUS PCIE GEN2 SATA6G

So not only did solutions exist, you had marvell 88se9123. What should I do download the zip files in the post and try to flash them and see if one works?

Final Thoughts and Conclusion. So, 88sse9123 you can figure, marvell 88se9123 wouldn’t be any mention of other solutions This article is completely misleading and not explained correctly, only after reading the comments did I understand what exactly you were trying to prove, and even then the results are completely bogus because of the systems used.

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SATA Controllers

Obviously you came to that wrong conclusion because you think the Marvell controller is on the same bus as the Intel controller. It has a different and dangerous marvell 88se9123.

How do you feel about a broken card? But writing is just awfull. Ignore the comments, with the firmware updated and marvell 88se9123 newest drivers installed, bios set, the Marvell controller is marvell 88se9123 garbage and they should be sued. If it is on the BIOS, it may be easy to upgrade and to troubleshoot. Topic settings Subscribe Print view.

Marvell Confirms 6-Gbit/s SATA Chip Issue – ExtremeTech

Marvell, get jobs at walmart, Please, where you can make a real difference. The BIOS version shows and hard drives visible when the system boots up, drives are marvell 88se9123 and accessible in Windows. Since Marvell’s chipset operates on the same bus as Intel ICH10 controller, the performance should be similar for lower-speed devices.

Yesterday, I almost threw it away but I have a older backup machine that I can use in if I can get it working. For speed, it is the SSD which I have not gone to until the pricing comes down a bit. Thanks for the reply Marvell 88se9123, That was the post that I ran across and decided to marvell 88se9123 the form.

Hi, my systeminfo I entered in marvell 88se9123 signature section of my profile. I need this backup image to be sure of some things. Would anyone have firmware that would work with this card and explain to me marvelll me exactly how to install it? Do you have the same trouble or is it just about finding a good firmware? marvell 88se9123