The all black design makes distinguishing the two notebooks tough from afar. I decided to order one. Below are the Super Pi result calculations for crunching the numbers on 2-million digits of accuracy for Pi:. Accessing the memory slots on the R It is basically as bright as you need it to be. All of the above results are quite impressive numbers, and in use the R60 was as fast as these numbers play out.

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If anything breaks, I want it fixed quickly, all areas where ThinkPads excel. The x and x are available for those who wish to do lenovo r60 display little gaming with their R Thankfully, ThinkPads do not use slower PC memory like a lot of other manufacturers do.


I have the 9-cell battery with the R60 being reviewed. PCMark05 gages relative system performance. Below are the Super Pi result calculations for crunching the numbers on 2-million digits of accuracy for Pi:. It has been an adjustment coming from the Compaq V It is more than enough for my lenovo r60 display needs.

You can see here the R60 is thicker than my T43, the T43 lenovo r60 display on the left and the R60 on the right view large image. Below is the R60 acting as a tent, you can see the battery and AC jack plus lenovo r60 display fan is all we have here.

In all likelihood it is the quietest hard drive I have ever used. Plus it is one of displau few less expensive notebooks offering a high resolution screen. My R60 has the Core Duo Te.

ThinkPad R60 Display 13N 15″ XGA LCD Panel for IBM Lenovo 12″x9″ | eBay

Fans were certainly audible, but never noisy lenovo r60 display only ran during periods of demanding usage such as when running benchmarks. You can change your settings at any time. A bit of light leakage is seen at the bottom of the screen, but certainly not much or anything to be concerned about view large image.

As expected, viewing angles are narrow, but as long as one remains on center, it looks pretty good. A nice plus on a lenovo r60 display cost machine.

The R60 is recommended for small business buyers and those in education. Lenovo r60 display did notice the extra thickness on the R60 right away. By using our website, you are agreeing to the use of Cookies. I decided to order one.

Lenovo ThinkPad R60 inch Screen Notebook Review

The ThinkPad R60 view large image. I ordered the R60 with the integrated Intel graphics.

Notebook Time ThinkPad R60 1. The Matshitsa UJ and three cell battery, two of the four modular options for the R On lenovo r60 display whim I decided to get the GB Seagate Our review machine happens to be a bit of a show off and speed demon. CPU-Z displat large image.

R60 left side view view large image. Images and text are clear and crisp.

Lenovo ThinkPad R60 14-inch Screen Notebook Review

While WWAN lenovo r60 display are still slow compared with Wi-Fi networks, they expand wireless connectivity to cell-phone ranges to minimize dead spots. I dieplay the R60 offers great value for someone on a tight budget who wants a well built and serviced notebook.

If you like big graphics and easy to read text, go with the XGA. The Intel Core Duo 2.