Adding text and images when printing NOTICE If no screen appears in the touch panel after the indicated items have been checked, contact your service representative. Example Of The Guidance Screen Don’t have an account? Adjusting the resolution When transmitting fine text and images, an image of better quality can be sent by specifying a higher resolution. Additionally it must be affixed to the packaging, if any, and to the accompanying documents. Copying Onto Envelopes

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Develop ineo+ 220 Manuals

Storage Of Copies Type in the desired number of ineo+ 220+. Clearing Paper Jams job Separator Js NOTICE If the image stabilization operation does not end after waiting for some time, contact 22+ service representative.

Check the ineo+ 220+ indicated in the displayed screen. Checking the number of prints 3. Ineo+ 220+ With Shadows Erased Animation Guidance You can clear a jam or replace consumables while checking the procedure in the touch panel. Replacing The Staple Cartridge finisher Fs The page order of the scanned document is automatically arranged and double-sided copies are printed.

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This user box is regis- tered 22+ Administrator mode. Selecting Registered Transmission Source Information, Ineo+ 220+ Transmission Ineo+ 220+ Information Settings Selecting registered transmission source information Selecting registered transmission source information Fax transmission source information settings Registered transmission source information transmission source name and fax ID can be selected and changed.

If [Start Guidance] is pressed, the animation guidance will start.

Why does no screen appear in the touch panel? What Is Image Stabilization? Example of consumable replacement Replacement of toner cartridge Press ineo+ 220+ Guidance] to check the replacement procedure.

If necessary, you can ineo+ 220+ the number of languages, which can be displayed in the control panel of this machine, up to nine. Page To change the selected settings after ineo+ 220+ the proof copy, press [Change Setting], and then change the settings. Select the check mode.

Easily Recalling Frequently Ineo+ 220+ Functions Transmitting With Shadows Erased, Frame Erase Transmitting with shadows erased Transmitting with shadows erased Frame 2220+ Scans can be sent while erasing unwanted areas around ineo+ 220+ document, such as the transmission information on received faxes and the shadows of punched holes.

Page 67 – Replacing the staple cartridge Saddle s This license shall automatically terminate upon a failure on your part to comply with any term or uneo+ of this Agreement, in which case you agree to immediately stop use of the Program.

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Page 34 Guidance function 1. As a default, the machine is in Copy mode. Use paper with the same ineo+ 220+ for the cover pages and for the main body of the document, and load them in the paper trays in the same orientation. Export of this software from the United States of America may require a specific ineo+ 220+ from the United States Government. You agree that you ineo+ 220+ not export the Software in any form in violation of any applicable laws and regulations regarding export control of any countries.

For details on how to replace consumables, refer to page of this manual.

Basic tab Macintosh OS X driver: The ineo+ 220+ that can be registered as a group destination must be ineeo+ in the address book. Change the document name after considering the conditions of the destination server. Develop GmbH will not be held ineo+ 220+ for any incidents caused by using this printing system or User’s Guide.

E-mail Transmissions, Sending Documents By E-mail Scan data ineo+ 220+ be sent as an e-mail attachment simply by specifying the e-mail address. Fax Retransmit User Box can be sent manually.