I don’t have the money to run out and purchase a new machine, so your thread was a Godsend. I ended up having to take the printer apart and cleaned the glass mirror and bulb with and eyeglass cloth and it worked beautifully. When I stuck my thumb in front of the laser, the motor shut off, when I removed my thumb it turned on again. Roller Exit – Paper exit rollers – out put assembly. We were about to throw it away.

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HP PSC 2175 All-in-One Printer User Guides

One of the red stripes is almost “weared off”. Trials and Errors are not ‘wasted’, they are “attempts”; “wasted” would be a difficult concept to find when it comes to finding out problems with computers on your own or with the help of others.

Worked perfectly like a charm. This product was sold by a third party. That’s too much work.

HP psc scanner jam | FixYourOwnPrinter

pssc Its just it was working fine until I took it apart and I have checked all the plugs. I used damp cotton swabs to clean the mirrors, and dry cotton swabs to scanher them off. Motor Carriage – Carriage motor – motor that drives the carriage assembly. Cable Panel – Cable Panel assembly – includes ribbon cable this is the cable that connects to the control panel or display.

Have a blown the power supply or something? I can’t think what the problem is since it was working before.

Bracket Tension – Belt tension bracket – holds the carriage belt idler pulley. If this is the case the cable s will not make electrical contact. Press and hold Cancel and Left Arrow buttons while plugging in the power to do a reset.

HP psc 2175 scanner jam

Thanks for the links that hhp shows you how to clean the scanner glass. When I called HP they wanted to sell me another printer. How can I disable the scanner so I can use only the printer? Read all about the various suggestions and started with the “easy” ones like patching and factory reset. Belt Carriage – Carriage belt – moves the carriage assembly across the carriage rod. Scanner Cable scanne Flex circuit cable which connects to the scanner assembly.

On HP psc the Full Reset can be done gp pressing both the buttons “cancel” orange button and “down” while plugging in the power cord cheers. Just cleaning the glass was not enough for me Note to anyone trying to take apart the machine for cleaning.

So now the PSC is dead fo-sho. I took a cotton bud with some cleaning solution and cleaned the scanner “cartridge” mirror which can be seen through a tiny slit beside the light tube. The ‘tries’ are the ruling out of specific causes so they are, in fact, active motions directed towards the fixing of the problem; positive motion in time. I followed the directions to glean the underside of the scanner glass and now the printer won’t even turn on.

Cap Lifter – These lifter caps hold the pressure plate lifter and the kicker spring in place. HP psc – multifunction printer color qaabm. I just unplugged the power, held down the cancel and right arrow while plugging back in. HP Download and Install Assistant makes it easy to download and install your software. So I took it back apart and reversed the side that I had plugged in the cable going to the control panel and then reassembled the machine.

I actually wrote my law school note on exclusionary conduct under Section 2- a different type of conduct, but I have studied a fair amount of the case law in this area. I was experiencing the same problem with my HP psc device – scanning error, grinding noises.

Power Supply – Power supply board internal pwr supply unit in the office machine.