The screen does not feature a hardware LUT calibration option so other than the OSD alterations, the rest of the process is carried out at a graphcis card level in profiling the screen. Black depth was slightly better as well at 0. Because of the high refresh rate, which is 7 ms, the Dell widescreen monitor delivers better quality for games and photos. There was no obvious ghosting of moving images and motion blur was actually fairly minimal. There was some very slight leakage in the corners as you can just about pick out in the image, but it was very minor. The changes are very smooth and sublte so are not going to be too obvious to the naked eye as content on the screen changes. Results may well vary from one sample to another of course.

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Gamma is also pretty accurate at 2. The screen has an extended colour gamut thanks to the use of W-CCFL dfll, and the colour space stretches considerably beyond the sRGB standard in green and red shades.

The decent range of ergonomic adjustments made it easy to get a comfortable position for the screen as you would hope although the maximum height adjustment was not that great.

Testing with the colorimeter revealed the graph on the right hand side above, showing Instaall dE 94 values across 16 shades.

There is also hardware aspect ratio control available through the OSD with options for fill, The changes are very smooth and sublte so are not going to be ddell obvious to the naked eye as content on the screen changes.

The average input lag of the U was a fairly moderate The panel actually sits a little bit back from the front of the bezel by about 5mm which is a little deeper than on most screens. There was no severe leakage from any corner or edge which was good to see. This is actually a wider choice than was available from the U, U and WFP which was a pleasing upgrade. The depth of color, makes it look like I’m still there.

As a reminder, a series of pictures are taken on the highest shutter speed and compared.

Dell UltraSharp U3011 30″ Widescreen LCD Monitor

Compatibility with Dell’s soundbar in case you need it for a casual speaker solution. Furthermore, there was no evidence of RTC overshoot in the form of white or dark halos which was very pleasing.

I have an L shaped desk, Monitor sits in the middle of del L. There’s also component available for connecting some other devices, common in games consoles, DVD players and video cameras for nistall. Thankfully the RTC impulse seems to be well controlled on the U The movie preset seems to make colours a little more vivid compared with our calibrated standard preset, particularly emphasising blues. This is the ‘movie’ mode which we will talk about a little later on.

As I bought mine as a “reconditioned” product for half the price, I knew I was taking a punt!

There is no need to worry about neck pain since this Dell widescreen monitor can move flawlessly in any direction, with the exception of pivot, without a problem. On the left you can see the CIE tp demonstrating the colour space of the monitor black triangle against the reference sRGB space orange.

All other monitor and graphics card settings were left at default with no ICC profile or calibration active. Combine this with the lack of any true Adobe RGB emulation from the WFP preset, and I don’t really think these two modes are that useable to be honest.

Including factory calibrated Adobe RGB and sRGB modes Dynamic contrast ratio disfunctional and exagerated Improvements made over the WFP are significant Some moderate uniformity issues in our sample may vary Great range of ergonomic and interface options Limited luminance control at the lower end.

Overall though I thought this was another excellent addition to the Dell monitor range. This preset gave us dE average of 3. Dynamic contrast ratio involves controlling the backlight of the screen automatically, depending on the content shown on the screen.

Dell U3011 Manuals

Apart from the requirements of your application, operating system, graphics card and software, one more pertinent limitation is from a display point of view, where there must be an interface which can support bit colour depth.

Tilt, h3011 and height adjustment. More on that shortly. We will see shortly whether these modes can be calibrated successfully. The analogue D-sub interface cannot support the full native resolution of the panel so a comparison of picture quality is not easily made.

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Improvements made over the WFP are significant. Viewing angles were very wide thanks to IPS panel technology.

The following summarises the Dell U’s performance in video applications: