NwAvGuy January 10, at 7: But in most product areas, once you reach a certain point of diminishing returns, spending more just gets a you a higher-end brand name, sometimes nicer looks, and a lot less money to spend on other things. Thank you for the comment, vittau! Most of my music is Flac so it should be top music quality but im using a laptop and using the headphone jacks to power the headset. I’ve measured plenty of products, commercial and DIY, that don’t come anywhere close to their expected performance due to PCB layout issues, component substitution, or supposed “upgrades”. Anon, Sennhieser’s specs are not clear for the HD as it comes in several different versions.

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The USB interface and clock design can really make a significant difference.

I tried to do some faders and balance combinations in windows mixer, but it gave no any good result. If you really want to satisfy your curiosity I would suggest the differencing test.

Like it says, you just plug it in. Anonymous November 4, at 6: I’ve got an iMac and am using the audio output via a toslink cable to drive a Benchmark DAC1 that is then connected to my preamp and the rest of my big rig.

NwAvGuy January 10, at 7: Ultra-flexible audio interface connects instruments, mixer etc. Also note the load is ohms, not the more typical 15 ohms I have used testing portable players. NwAVGuy – very interesting article and some thought provoking links too.

Would there really be a noticible differnce switching back and forth blind? He ucx202 using a laptop computer that he carried between his house to his work studio an outbuilding and was always getting the audio input and output cables mixed up when plugging them into the computer. And my begringer A gave the same result. Anonymous May 6, at 3: It’s more complex than that.

Anonymous June 2, at 9: Ultra-flexible audio interface connects your instruments, mixer, etc. It seems such a simple device and it has connected seamlessly to the Win7 system.

Behringer UCA202 Digital Recording Interface

In the output department, even when reproducing silence, it results in a roughly similar level dB referred to peak output at the line outputs. Generally, from what I’ve seen, implementation is everything. Some devices behringdr various kinds of digital or electronic stepped analog volume controls to avoid this problem.

NwAvGuy June 28, at 4: Windows will normally only send audio to one device at a time from a given software application like Windows Media Player. Thanks for the work of doing all of this. Use them as professional interfaces between your mixer and your console by connecting it to the RCA outputs on your devices.

NwAvGuy: Behringer UCA Review

Rated 5 out of 5 by Jim M. It pays for itself in the first hour of use. I just want to say, you are doing a great service here.

Connect your 8-track player to the interface with the right cable, and convert those songs to MP3 easily. That said, your review is thought provoking and it sounds like the UCA may even hold up against these units.

I’m not sure the UCA will drive the ohm version to loud enough levels. There are now much better audio interfaces. You really can have your cake and eat it too sometimes. The above is likely lower than most people would listen at but it depends on the efficiency of your headphones.

I would highly recommend the UCA to anyone such as myself, that needs a way to capture those old analog memories. NwAvGuy March 2, at 1: So it’s impossible to talk about detail in objective terms.