Additional features allow the prevention of certain Internet services such as file sharing — which might otherwise introduce vulnerabilities to security typically associated with traditional hotspot options. You would not be able to use the phone as an hotspot with the configuration suggested, because the wifi card on the android device would be already be busy with connecting to the router. All your applications work just like they would on the original network, including gaming consoles and streaming media. I was stuck with this laptop for school due not having enough time to take it to the shop and, my parents thinking I caused these problems which were extremely common with this model laptop. Read More can be worthwhile anyway if you want to do more with your device. Sharing your Internet connection with another device is incredibly useful and

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Used together, there’s nothing you can’t do. Scroll down for the next article.

Best-In-class Connectivity Solution In many meeting rooms, lecture halls, or classrooms computers are attached to projectors or large monitors that are used to display content.

It should still be possible with a iPhone 5 to teather it to your computer as long as you have a data plan that supports it. Saves Profiles Saves Profiles of the settings for easy change. No Difi on my laptop? How Municipal WiFi Works. Check your router’s owner’s manual for more help. Should figure it out eventually when I have time to sit down and play with it!

Turn your PC into a repeater for any existing WiFi signal, extending service to a hard-to-reach basement or bedroom. Tips and Tools to Know Dan Price.

That way, the laptop would connect via usb to the wifi through the phone, and allow other devices to connect via wifi to the laptop and share the connection. I’m having the same problem with my laptop. First, open laptoop your Android System Settings.

How USB Tethering Can Fix Your Laptop’s Bad WiFi Connection

Sharing your Internet connection with another device is incredibly useful and Read our privacy policy. If you have any questions, I’m here to help out. Sought after for its convenience, portability, and connection reliability, Thinix WiFi Hotspot is ideal for applications such as on-the-go travel, hotel rooms, meeting rooms, at home or even in classrooms or lecture halls. If it does at this step with that blue bar, you are all set. My laptop is hooked to a usb antenna, then I connect to another usb port either a wifi dongle set as an hotspot, or my nexus again set as an hotspot, and my guests albxcomp connect via the hotspot.

Choose the wireless network you just set up and enter your password [source: Connectify Hotspot will have your devices online in seconds.


Share paid service in a hotel or airport with your family or friends or other devices and save money. Ad Blocking for Client Devices Connectify Hotspot includes an all new universal ad blocker to prevent annoying and unwanted ads from displaying on devices that join your hotspot! By utilizing Thinix WiFi Hotspot with PIN code protection and enabling auto key generation, you can easily ensure that guests in your conference room will have the wireless access that they need without compromising security standards.

That point up to 10 devices can connect, kaptop they will be using your data allowance.

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Locate and click on the Internet icon, for Windows 7 and Vista, in the notification area of Windows on your laptop. Your email address will not be published. For more information on the system requirements, look at our Systems Requirements Flyer. It could be the hardware or Windows itself causing the problem. Best of all, for as long as your smartphone is tethered via USB, its battery will stay fully charged.

Up Next ” “. My trick with my old iOS 6 iPhone 4S was something along the lines of Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Hours of research and checking with people who know network administration better than me only turned up dead ends.